Independent Contractor Agreement

This agreement is between Supertravelistic, LLC, 3320 Highland Lane, Fairfax, VA 22031,  and the home based travel agent known hereinafter in this document as the Independent Contractor.


Supertravelistic, LLC. hereby makes available the business opportunity to the Independent Contractor to act as an independent salesperson for Supertravelistic, LLC. and the Independent Contractor agrees to act in this capacity for a period stated here of 12 months.  Upon the end of that time period, a performance review will be conducted. Production of less than 12 vacation bookings in the period stated here of 12 months could result in nonrenewal of this contract. If the Independent Contractor has booked at least 12 vacations during the 12 month period stated here, this contract shall be extended automatically on a year to year basis for $49 a month.  However, if either party to this agreement serves the other with notice in writing thirty (30) days prior to the above mentioned expiration, of their request to terminate the agreement and not to renew, then the agreement may be terminated.   


The Independent Contractor shall be entitled to payment of commissions starting at 60% of all commissions earned.  All Disney vacations must be booked directly through the Walt Disney Travel Company and Disney Cruise Line for full compensation. It is understood that any and all expenses and costs of these sales shall be the responsibility of the Independent Contractor unless agreed to in writing and signed by both parties to this agreement. Earned commissions will be paid on the 1st and 15th of each month.  


The above named Independent Contractor has the right to work any number of hours she/he wishes to do so. Supertravelistic, LLC. does not have fixed hours required of the Independent Contractor. The Independent Contractor shall not be required to attend any office meetings or staff training sessions. The Independent Contractor has the right to work on their own schedule of hours.


The above named Independent Contractor must provide her/his own business supplies, computer, fax machine, phone lines and materials for the purpose of doing business. The Independent Contractor shall be responsible for purchase of any and all promotional materials needed to promote their business.


The above named Independent Contractor may make any and all decisions in regards to where they perform their work and or sales activity.  Supertravelistic, LLC, does not require the Independent Contractor to perform any duties at its place of business.


The Independent Contractor takes full responsibility of assumption of risk of loss in the event that her/his sales commissions do not cover their incurred expenses.


The Independent Contractor is a self-employed individual and shall not receive or earn sick pay, vacation, medical benefits or other such employee related benefits from Supertravelistic, LLC.


It is understood and agreed that in the event that the Independent Contractor ceases to have an association with Supertravelistic, LLC., then any or all clients of the Independent Contractor shall have the freedom to do business with the Independent Contractor or Supertravelistic, LLC, which ever they should desire.


The Independent Contractor shall take the responsibility for complying with any and all local, state and federal laws as they pertain to the performance of this agreement. This shall require the Independent Contractor to obtain any or all necessary business licenses, state registrations and to pay any and all tax payments (federal, state, and local income taxes) as well as payments of any applicable fees or charges for social security, worker's compensation and FICA.

Supertravelistic, LLC is not responsible for payment or withholding of such items as they pertain to renderence by the Independent Contractor. Supertravelistic, LLC, is not responsible or accountable for lack of payment or failure to pay the above mentioned taxes and fees by the Independent Contractor.


Supertravelistic, LLC. has the right to terminate this agreement for the continued inability or incapacity on the part of the Independent Contractor of performance of her/his duties. Termination will be in writing with a 30 day notice.

In the event that this agreement shall terminate before the completion of the terms that are specified in this agreement, the Independent Contractor will be entitled to any and all compensation earned by her/him prior to the termination date as is provided for in this Agreement.


This Agreement shall not be amended, except after the date hereof by a writing signed by all parties to the agreement, and no amendment, change, termination of waiver shall be binding unless it is in writing and is signed by the party or individual(s) against whom the amendment, change or termination of waiver is sought to be enforced.

The Independent Contractor is hereby retained by Supertravelistic, LLC. as a self-employed individual to sell travel.