Top 10 Ways to Save Money at Disney


Supertravelistic makes it easy and fun to save money on your next Disney vacation and here is a top ten of everything that you need to do to make it happen.


1. know when to go

Saving money starts with knowing when to go. Generally, the cheapest times to go to the Disney theme parks and on a Disney Cruise are January and February, or September through mid-December. The time between Thanksgiving and the week before Christmas is also super time to visit. Not only are hotel rates are lower, but the crowds are smaller.

Consider planning your next Disney vacation nine to six months ahead of your vacation date. The most sought-after dining experiences often require reservations up to 180 days in advance. If your time with the mouse is limited, book a mid-week trip to often save on hotel and airfare costs.

2. Stay at a Disney Resort

There’s debate over the cost savings of staying on-site or off-site, and we’re here to tell you staying with the mouse generally is the smarter decision (plus more fun!). The Disney resorts come with valuable perks like free Magical Express airport transfers, Extra Magic Hours, free transportation from your resort to the parks and free parking. Your super travel planner can search for sales, at a value or moderate resort, to meet your budget.

3. Be smart about souvenirs

Before you begin your vacation, set a budget for souvenirs. Let the smaller ones in the family know a dollar amount in advance and stay true to the limit. Consider buying a few Disney items in your hometown or online before you travel as well. For princesses in the family, buy the fairy tale costume before you leave home for wear in the parks… they’ll look great and you’ll save a bunch.

Consider personalized items for an extra spark of magic on the vacation. Custom t-shirts, water bottles, cinch pages, totes and more are incredibly popular right now and make for the ideal, high-value souvenir that is filled with memories.

4. Plan Character Meals for Breakfasts

Dining with the characters is super fun, and the experience doesn’t have to break the bank. Book your character meal early in the day for breakfast to avoid the more expensive lunch and dinner options. This is a great way to see the characters, save time as you don’t have to wait in lines at the theme parks, and also have a wonderful meal for less.

5. take a water bottle

The theme parks can get warm during the summer months of Florida and California, and staying hydrated is super important. Pack a small water bottle for everyone in your family or group and refill at water fountains or in restaurants throughout the day to save on the expense of bottled water.

And as insider’s tip, cast members at any food cart will give you a free cup of ice water, if you ask.

6. Skip the Park Hopper Option

Theme park tickets make up a large part of overall vacation costs, and one way to save is to be smart about the type of tickets you buy. We recommend not doing the add-ons, particularly the park hopper option. Not only does park hopping take time to get from one theme park to another, it’s often too much for younger kids or seniors. So, stay at one park and make it a magical day from morning to night. We promise that when you book with Supertravelistic, there will be plenty to see and do in the theme park each day!

7.Order groceries to your room

You’ll save money every time you feed your family or group outside of the theme parks and resorts. Save time on grocery shopping by having your order delivered to your room by services like Instacart, Garden Grocer, or Amazon. Most rooms have a refrigerator, but they can be kind of small. Shop accordingly and consider using a cooler if needed. Snacks (including fresh fruit) and bottled water are ideal for energy needed to get you through the theme parks.

8. Take a day off

When selecting your tickets, buy an admissions pass with one less day than your vacation is scheduled. On this day off, you can relax and recharge, and experience some of the magic outside of the theme parks (and there’s a lot!). We love the new dining and retail experiences at Disney Springs, and window-shopping is always free! Golf, miniature golf, water sports, fishing, canoeing, horseback riding are also wonderful, cost-friendly options to make your day magical.

9. Bring your own stroller

To save in daily stroller rental costs that can quickly add up, bring a small umbrella stroller from home, or even consider buying one at a retail store near your resort just for the trip. You’ll save money, and also be able to give your little one a better experience in between travels to the theme parks.

10. select a super travel Planner

A travel planner at Supertravelistic will share the best and most current deals across all the Disney destinations. Not only will we save you money on your next Disney vacation, we will save you time. Our planners specialize in Disney vacations, and have the most knowledge on all of the destinations and reservation deadlines to best answer your questions, and plan a vacation of a lifetime.

When you book your vacation with a Supertravelistic travel planner, she or he will be your personal vacation concierge throughout the planning process. We will craft your perfect vacation, answer your questions, then work with Disney on all the details… including money saving offers and promotions!

Have a money-saving idea to share with our community of vacation-goers? Drop us a line here! It would be super to hear from you!